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Tim Jadwin


Operations Specialist



Company Summary:

An Industry leading Speaker’s Bureau group.


Role(s): The Operations Specialist is responsible for the provision of administrative and programming support to all levels within the department to support success at each stage of the programming continuum. The Operations Specialist will directly interact with all personnel within the department. The Operations Specialist will also interact with suppliers to ensure all charges are received in a timely manner.

  • Provide program initiation compliance. This includes a check for compliance with budgets, allocations, OIG list, speaker caps, program and industry guidelines.
  • Support programming execution by handling invitations, on-sight packages, program materials fulfillment, and other general duties as needed.
  • Understand the fundamentals of high volume programming across multiple program types (in office; breakfast, lunch, dinner; or unique programs - teleconference dinner meetings, etc.).
  • Ensure that programs assigned are in compliance. This includes a check for compliance with budgets, allocations, OIG list, speaker caps, and program and industry guidelines.
  • Analyze all programs/meetings in the group prior to their final reconciliation including the day to day handling of incoming credit card charges, airfare charges, hono processing, expense processing, and other financial and contract processing for vendor and physician payments.
  • Fulfill client requests and review overall reconciliation reports as needed by management.
  • Ensure that all services provided to speakers are with in policy and handled with a high level of customer service. Communicate details with representatives, District Managers, vendors and faculty.
  • Provide general and administrative support to the department in the areas of invites, meeting materials, customized mail preparation, federal express, department inventory, department record keeping, supplies, copies, mailings, catering, and other administrative tasks as assigned by management.
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures and incorporate company principles into your responsibilities.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • One year of college, technical schooling or related experience is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum one years experience in an administrative/general office role. Must have experience with Microsoft Office Products, most importantly Word and Excel. Experience in customer service is a plus.
  • The Operations Specialist should be flexible and skillful in interacting with client, faculty and suppliers, as well as team members. Additionally, it is required that he/she are detail oriented, organized, customer service oriented, and creative in all other aspects of the position.

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