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Tim Jadwin


Associate Scientific Director



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Full-service, Continuing Medical Education (CME) agency that services strategic development and implementation of long-term medical education programs.


The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor will be the scientific point-person for all matters relating to content and information. Delivery of clear, concise, and accurate scientific information that supports key messages is essential to success in this position. Experience in scientific writing for pharmaceutical medical education programs is required, along with the ability to communicate with key opinion leaders and clinicians in the field. An advanced degree (PhD, PharmD, MPH or MD) is required for this position. Excellent leadership and presentation skills are preferred.

The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor requires 2-3 years of experience in the discipline. The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor is responsible for the development and management of scientific program(s) that fall under his/her responsibility. The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor serves as a mentor to Assistant Directors and supervises the work of freelancers who may work on the creation of scientific materials that fulfill the requirement of the accounts that they supervise. The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor is expected to participate in strategy-planning sessions within an account team to develop the scientific goals and content of business proposals, and ongoing programs. The Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor attends Scientific Meetings and Symposia with the goal of collecting, analyzing and identifying potentially influential data from competitors.

Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor participates in the development of publication strategies and the generation of all enduring materials required to fulfill the publication program or meeting needs. An essential component of the Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisor responsibilities is to provide strategic support and assistance in the development of scientific materials required for the elaboration of new business pitches.

Although reporting formally to a Scientific Director, Associate Scientific Director/Scientific Supervisors are expected to work independently and be fully responsible for the management and implementation of programs that fall under their direct supervision.
Preferred background
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • CNS
  • Diabetes

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