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Staff Representative:

Tim Jadwin


Vice President, Scientific Services



Company Summary:

Full-service, Continuing Medical Education (CME) agency that services strategic development and implementation of long-term medical education programs.


Specific Responsibilities Include:
  • Will oversee and manage the day-to-day and future growth of entire Medical and Scientific Affairs department.
  • Develop programs to educate physicians on the role of a therapeutic agent, to help consumers identify risk factors and early warning signs, or to educate the sales force on the latest pivotal clinical trials.
  • Development of clinical portions of presentations and action plans for potential new clients and existing clients
  • Orchestrate the involvement of key thought leaders and content influencers in all pitches and ideation
  • Act as a strong team player in the management of pitches
  • Oversee selection of clinical consult and input for programs sold
  • Liaise with editorial to assure clinical accuracy of enduring materials and live events
  • Keep up with industry dynamics
  • Stay current with all ACCME guidelines and industry regulations that effect our client delivery of programs
  • Introduce our client to potential customers
  • Participate in key industry organizations, maintain high level of visibility
Skills Required:
Thorough understanding of healthcare marketing and especially the medical education business, strong organizational capabilities responsiveness, excellent people skills (external and internal). Strong presentation skills, excellent written communication. Strong established client and thought leader relationships a plus.

15+ years experience (including 10+ years healthcare industry experience in progressively responsible agency or manufacturer’s position. Both medical education and manufacturer’s side experience is desirable.

MD preferred, PharmD acceptable

Preferred background
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • CNS
  • Diabetes

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