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Tim Jadwin


Program Manager



Company Summary:

Our client produces medical education programs.


About Position
The Program Manager (PM) is on the front-lines for the company as their job involves implementing programs on-site. The PM implements the meeting’s logistics on-site, be it in a hotel, an exposition hall, a resort or a host of other locations. The PM arrives early to set-up the meeting materials and to meet with the catering staff of the venue. Around the same time, the PM meets with the client to answer questions, recapitulate recent changes and update documents as needed. During the meeting, the PM has many responsibilities of oversight and execution in the areas of transportation, food and beverage, audio-visual equipment, meeting materials and registration. The PM manages freelance staff to ensure their understanding of the company standards. After the meeting, the PM will finalize all billing issues and write a Program Summary. Items on this summary include on-site best practices, attendance, challenges and successes. While in the office, the PM books travel to upcoming trips, tracks finances and helps with other projects. Our client is searching for organized, self motivated, positive, proactive individuals interested in joining our team as Program Managers.

Key Responsibilities
  • Create, manage, and maintain client relationships and expectations while on-site
  • Lead hotel pre-con and post-con meetings with staff
  • Conduct client overview meeting on-site
  • Execute company guidelines and procedures while on-site
  • Manage budget on-site as program executes and changes are made
  • Manage on-site timeline and execute prompt actions on-site
  • Lead other travel staff as needed and take direction from staff leads
  • Ensure final billing is accurate from on-site perspective and compile for Program Managers
  • Manage all aspects of meeting on-site (International and domestic travel is required)
  • Collaborate with team to produce Program Summary at end of meeting
  • Ensure all receipts are available for final billing and all program expenses have been captured - responsible for final bill accuracy for on-site portion of bill
  • Understand meeting guidelines, best practices, rules, regulations, customs, and culture per global destination
  • Ensure compliance is adhered to during on-site execution
  • Research international and domestic destinations and provide recommendations to team as needed
  • Fulfill on-site documentation and requirements as determined for each meeting
  • Finalize all program details upon return into the office (shipping, attendee lists, follow up items, client post con meetings)
  • Take on projects as needed while in office
  • Travel on-site for programs a minimum of 16 days per month to include weekdays, weekends and holidays
Required Skills
  • Strong relationship management and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent written, verbal, and leadership abilities
  • Professionalism in the most high-level and challenging situations
  • Driven multi-tasker who can manage team and client expectations while on-site
  • Team player who can see the big picture while understanding and communicating the details
  • Proactive problem solving and strong analytical skills
  • Ability to take ownership and prioritize projects
  • High level of customer service (internal and external clients)
  • Strong organizational skills along with excellent oral and written communication ability
  • Ability to be both adaptable and flexible while implementing a program on-site
  • Must be detail oriented and highly accurate
  • Ability to stand for long periods, up to 8 hours while implementing on-site programs
  • Ability to lift 25 - 30 lbs
Education and Experience
  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or related field
  • Domestic and International travel experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

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