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Tim Jadwin


Vice President, Group Scientific Supervisor



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Our client’s mission is to creatively deliver strategically designed and flawlessly executed medical education programs and related services for the benefit of our clients, their customers, and the growth and development of our team.


Position Summary
The VP, Group Scientific Supervisor (VP GSS) is responsible for supervising his/her accounts, respective editorial teams, and their resources. The VP GSS will oversee accounts that demand a high degree of scientific, technical, and/or editorial understanding. Central to the VP GSSs responsibility is to ensure client satisfaction, scientific rigor and strategic integrity and to guide the respective account and editorial teams in this regard. The VP GSS’s are responsible for the development of ongoing new business in their accounts and for participating in business development with the other senior managers.

  • Ensure that clients, especially at the more senior management levels, are pleased with the services the company offers and, if not, to identify and remedy this.
  • Intimately knowledgeable with the therapeutic areas in which he or she works. The VP GSS should be able to instill confidence in the client and physician advisors to the extent that counsel on issues of content and scientific viability in educational and promotional materials is seriously heeded. The VP GSS should be able to guide the client and physician advisors on specialist areas of scientific communications, such as publication strategies, CME programs, on-line computer communication, and other specialized medical communications vehicles.
  • Advise the client in marketing and spearhead efforts to develop strategies and goals. The VP GSS reviews the clients’ business with the account team with a view towards identifying business needs and opportunities. With this in mind, the VP GSS should have a long range view of accounts and be able to plan and manage activities over a one to two year time frame.
  • Manages, develops, and trains editorial teams and advises account personnel on scientific and editorial matters. The VP GSS should be instrumental in helping to identify staffing needs and maintain staffing efficiencies in the scientific and editorial groups. The VP GSS is expected to demonstrate a sophisticated leadership approach for all internal situations, especially interaction with the account and editorial services groups. In addition, the VP GSS is responsible for helping to ensure that the financial goals of the company are achieved.
  • Accountable for strategic and creative excellence and scientific rigor of all projects and proposals for which he/she is responsible.
  • Critical to the maintenance and development of business and is accountable for success of the company/client relationship.
  • Accountable for demonstrating leadership and team training morale.
  • A postgraduate degree beyond MS level is preferred (PhD, PharmD, MD, etc.) with first-hand research or clinical practice experience.
  • Five years experience in the application of his or her scientific/medical expertise in the marketing environment and a proven understanding of CME accreditation procedures, journal publishing, and all current and emerging academic and clinical communication vehicles.
  • Proven background in science and/or medicine
  • Willingness to work overtime, attend off-hours events, and travel extensively domestically and internationally.
  • Identify opportunities for business growth as they bond with the client. In addition, they will initiate and foster positive relationships with key physician advisors in appropriate therapeutic areas.
  • Proven ability to manage projects from both an account and editorial viewpoint and be able to guide account and editorial teams from project conception to completion.

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