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Staff Representative:

Tim Jadwin


Senior Project Director


New Jersey

Company Summary:

A full-service Medical Communications company.


  • General:
    • Manage PD, APD, PC and freelance employees (i.e. administrative staff and meeting planners) and vendors; act as liaison internally with all departments
    • Help to develop procedures/SOPs that move projects along quickly and efficiently
    • Mentor and train team members, evaluate and develop team skills to promote Individual career growth
    • Manage calendar of projects and job responsibilities
    • Participate in proposal development and research when needed
    • Direct weekly status meetings to review current status of ongoing projects, delegate new projects and ensure project timelines are met; send f/u correspondence to all meeting attendees to ensure all next steps are identified and timelines are adhered to
    • Review budgets to ensure that project specifications are aligned with client requirements and make sure that projects remain within budget and that financial spreadsheets are updated for monthly billing meetings
    • Contract and oversee outside vendors for quality assurance
    • Develop and/or review all material being sent to clients, program attendees, faculty, societies, and institutions
    • Implement team start-up meetings with other departments
    • Ensure proper routing of jobs and sign-off
    • Develop or review timelines to ensure that programs are being completed in the time approved by the client
    • Manage logistics of all programs including advisory boards, speaker training, satellite symposia, national conferences/trade shows, consultant meetings, hospital in-service programs, monographs, slide lecture kits, newsletters, audio conferences, and fellows foundations
    • Develop/review and distribute correspondence to all program participants, faculty, CME accreditors, vendors and associations
    • Develop/review copy following SOPs and submit to WPS for review
    • Create and maintain physician, vendor and program databases
    • Process invoices and honoraria; negotiate and triple bid vendor contracts
    • Facilitate list purchase and mailing parameters for the job and work with production regarding shipping instructions
    • Act as primary liaison with medical societies/institutions and CME vendors
    • Assist in identifying professional meetings appropriate to physician specialties
  • Client Related:
    • Develop monthly status reports to update client on projects
    • Research tactics for the account group in order to develop cutting edge educational programs for the client
    • Liaise between client, faculty, WPS and production team to execute the completion of meeting and spin-off materials
    • Recruitment of faculty through client recommendations
  • Meeting Specific:
    • Maintain hotel and vendor database
    • Facilitate site search, review hotel contract and forward addendum, review and approve BEO inclusive of guarantees, room names, meeting posting, and rooming list
    • Contract with AV and ARS vendor for appropriate meeting equipment
    • Manage invitation and registration process
    • Comply with association guidelines and timelines
    • Plan and develop travel arrangements for client and faculty and attendees.
    • Closely review the arrival/departure manifest prior to submission to the ground company
  • Administrative:
    • Time sheets
    • Expense reports
    • Administrative meetings
    • Help review team members
    • Other miscellaneous tasks
  • Supervisory experience
  • Strong communication skills and writing ability
  • Excellent organizational aptitude
  • 4 years experience in medical education
  • Proficient in CME and industry guidelines
  • Proficient on the computer (PC), Word, Excel, Filemaker Pro
  • Budgeting experience
  • Resourceful
  • Knowledge of print/production process
  • Ability to juggle many projects
  • College graduate

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