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Tim Jadwin


Senior Account Director


New York

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A medical communications agency whose mission is to design and implement both educational programs and advertising materials that support our pharmaceutical clients’ marketing objectives.


Role and Responsibilities
The Senior Account Director is responsible for all the accounts assigned to his/her group. Essentially, this group head’s function is one of personal leadership in client relations and in internal administration of accounts. The Senior Account Director is the person to whom the account team looks for support, guidance, and counsel, and to whom clients look as the agency’s representative on a policy level.
This position is responsible for driving the client’s overall strategic direction and is tasked with being a marketing partner for the senior clients. The Senior Account Director must be an expert in the clients’ businesses and be the clear leader on all business with the clients and within the agency. This individual is responsible for identifying business opportunities and solutions on a regular basis. The Senior Account Director sets the tone for how the account is managed by assuring focus on key client objectives and delivering appropriate resources while maintaining profitability. The Senior Account Director must demonstrate solid business judgment and sound strategic thinking.
The Senior Account Director manages a book of business that may be one large client or several smaller clients. To be successful, this individual is responsible for being the "ultimate" marketing consultant to the client and is charged with all general management aspects of the team(s), including team collaboration, team harmony, big-picture strategic thinking, and financial performance.

Specific Responsibilities
  • Leads overarching strategic thinking for account, creative and new technologies
  • Develops specific, measurable client business objectives
  • Develops strategies and tactics by discipline (where appropriate)
  • Views strategic goals in a broader business context
  • Establishes priorities for key agency projects
  • Initiates long-term projects for teams that will contribute to greater agency revenue
  • Collaborates with finance and management to draft, negotiate and reconcile client retainer agreements. Ensures proper team resource management and adherence to contract terms
  • Delivers revenue growth goals established in conjunction with executive management
  • Prepares financial P&L reports by job and account on a timely basis
  • Reevaluates progress against revenue/profit goals monthly
  • Develops best/worst case scenarios for input into monthly financial plan
  • Builds trusting, collaborative relationships with clients of all levels
  • Successfully represents the Client’s point of view when reviewing work and leverages this perspective when providing feedback to all parties. Ultimately focused on doing the best work for the client’s business
  • Stays on top of business and client concerns to head off issues early
  • Looks for opportunities to provide better client support
  • Ensures collaboration among all agency departments; fosters great teamwork
  • Encourages open, ongoing internal communication
  • Provides appropriate management updates and solicit feedback and direction when appropriate
  • Actively participates in management and training of account team personnel
  • Ensures account team members are challenged and developing their skill set
  • Provides strategic support for Agency recommendations
  • Able to craft a strong presentation
  • Articulates effective strategic rationale and logic flow
  • Is clear, concise, articulate, focused, persuasive, wise, responsive and confident
  • Able to think on his/her feet and provide business and strategic insight and guidance on the fly
  • Has a calm, rational, balanced management style and is able to help team strive for the same kind of professional posture
  • Contributes to new business pitches when necessary
  • Develops scope of work in conjunction with new business representative
  • Leads effective transition of activity from new business pitch team to client team
Professional Skills and Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree required with a minimum of 7-10 years of solid, progressive medical education management experience
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite programs (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Fluent in agency process, including job routing and traffic procedures, to ensure quality control at all stages of the project
  • Has deep knowledge and experience with multi-channel marketing
  • Experience in a digital agency or web consultancy required
  • Must be a natural leader who can collaboratively and effectively lead an agency team to generate measurable results
  • Must be a self-starter who works well in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
  • Proven ability to interact with people at all levels of an organization, fostering strong cross-functional teamwork and results
  • Proven ability to think strategically, and the ability to teach others to think strategically
  • Must possess exceptional oral and written communication skills, presentation skills and client relationship building skills
  • Commitment to delivering creative solutions. Ability to align team members behind these solutions
  • Must be able to manage account team(s) of account directors, project managers, project coordinators and interns
  • May require up to 25% travel to client locations
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite programs (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Outlook)

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