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Tim Jadwin


EVP, Director Of Consumer Client Services


New York

Company Summary:

A healthcare advertising company.


Job Summary
Responsible for the overall agency performance, ensuring financial goals attainment, development of agency/client relationships, while coaching and mentoring client service staff members.

Job Responsibilities
  • Develop a good relationship with appropriate Client management (e.g. company President, Division Manager, Marketing VP, etc.) This entails keeping them aware of the Agency’s contribution, seeking out their ideas, and increasing their confidence in the Agency’s ability to provide superior service.
  • Ultimately responsible for the proper staffing of the accounts.
  • See that the accounts remain profitable and continues to grow with new product assignments or, when appropriate, with increased support for ongoing brands.
  • Ensure that the Agency is providing excellent service to all Clients in all key areas:
    • Marketing
      • While the amount of marketing input required varies from account to account, the EVP must ensure that every account group has a solid understanding of its Client’s business and is providing proper marketing direction for the account.
      • The EVP’s specific functions in the marketing area are to:
        • Ensure that the Agency takes the lead in establishing marketing plans for each brand/account. To accomplish this, the EVP must encourage the management/account supervisor directly involved in the business to initiate Agency-proposed marketing directions for the brand. Of course, the EVP must also actively participate in formulating the broad marketing objectives and plans for a brand or company since his/her experience allows for valuable input and perspective while serving as a necessary "quality control" check.
        • Ensure that the Agency is providing the Client with appropriate analyses of the business (e.g. competitive spending reports, special effort analyses, Nielsen analyses). Should also see that each account group performs an annual full-scale business analysis, since this provides important information needed for market planning, is an excellent training device for account management personnel, and demonstrates an in-depth involvement in the Client’s business.
        • Establish appropriate systems within account groups to provide the Client with Agency-generated input on a regular basis. By establishing regular procedures, s/he will ensure that the Client is receiving a steady flow of marketing documents from the Agency.
  • Creative
    • The EVP has direct responsibility for developing the best creative product for each account. Specifically, s/he must initiate a complete copy development program for each brand or account, including developing back-up copy which has the potential to outperform the brand’s current advertising.
    • In order to effect a copy program as described above, the EVP must take steps to see that account, creative, and research teams have set a high priority on the origination and development of concepts which can form the basis of new and effective copy approaches. Fresh ways of thinking about a brand’s copy strategy can come from a variety of sources, and the EVP must see to it that these sources are properly encouraged and directed. At times, the EVP may be called upon to contribute directly by suggesting new areas for creative exploration based on his/her experience and perspective.
    • Ensure that weak creative executions are not pursued, and that strong ones are fully developed. It is the EVP’s responsibility to see that advertising which is not up to the Agency’s standards is not presented to the Client, and for this reason, s/he must have exposure to the Agency’s creative product at a relatively early stage. On the other hand, it is also his/her function to see that superior advertising is produced and aired. This may require support of the Agency’s creative product at the Client’s higher management levels despite lower-level management concerns, or it may require strong support of the account group internally in order to give advertising which s/he believes can be effective a fair chance to be evaluated.
    • Obtain the best creative personnel and keep them on the business. Given his/her knowledge of the accounts and familiarity with the available creative personnel, the EVP is in an excellent position to ensure that the right creative people are working on the business. Since different accounts require different kinds of creative people, it is important that time be taken to evaluate which kinds of creative personnel can best service a particular account. Must also develop a solid relationship with the Agency’s creative management in order to facilitate copy development.
    • Initiate appropriate research to uncover new creative directions which are on strategy or suggest new strategies. The EVP should look beyond the approaches currently being taken and should recommend, to the account group or to the Client, research which s/he believes can provide insights for copy development.
  • Account Handling
    • The responsibilities of the EVP in this area include establishment of solid Client/Agency relationships at all levels, proper staffing of the account in each service area, and training.
      • Develop a good working relationship with his counterparts on the Client side. Depending on the type of account, this may be the company President, the Marketing VP, or others at this level. This task cannot be delegated, and it is one of the most important functions of this position.
      • See that strong relationships are being developed at other levels within each account group. The EVP’s unique position as a member of the Agency’s highest account management level allows him/her to obtain Client evaluations more readily and to take appropriate steps to correct any situations which are eroding the Client/Agency relationship.
      • Evaluate the quality and style of the personnel who interface with his Clients in each service area to determine if the "fit" is right. Some Clients are extremely demanding in one area of Agency service (e.g. creative), but less so in others (e.g. media). The EVP must be aware of these different specifications and ensure that each service department staffs accordingly.
      • The EVP is ultimately responsible for establishing effective training for his/her account group. See that the importance of training, particularly for Assistant Account Executives and Account Executive, is clearly understood by management/account supervisors. This can be accomplished by establishing appropriate procedures for proper training at each level of account management. This may involve internal verbal presentations, extensive review of written documents, adequate Client contact, etc. There are many techniques that can be used to train, but the EVP has the primary responsibility for making account groups aware of the need to devote time and energy to proper training.
  • Finance
    • Ensure financial accountability among individual brand teams, accurate estimating, and updating of estimates and timely billing of jobs. In addition, the EVP is responsible for timely collection of outstanding billing, minimized write-offs and credits, and departmental budget.
Job Requirements
  • 15 years experience in marketing on agency side or combined agency/client sides.
  • Must have recent large agency experience handling multiple consumer accounts
  • Consumer marketing experience in any combination of key consumer categories including OTC, HBA, and food.
  • Specific experience in leading and managing a client services department at a consumer agency.
  • Must be able to manage $30 million, over 40 people, and around 20 large accounts

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