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Tim Jadwin


Senior Writer



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Our client is a marketing agency that helps build healthcare brands that patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals feel confident turning to and recommending when they are sick, in need, or helping others.


A Senior Writer assumes responsibility for the quality of the copy and, as a member of the Creative team, shares responsibility for producing work in a variety of media that effectively communicates the client’s strategy with creative distinction.

A Senior Writer reports to the Creative Director on specific assignments but is a part of the Editorial Operations group. The Senior Writer often serves as a copy supervisor on large-scale projects or as the creative lead on projects that are copy-intensive. In this capacity the Senior Writer may be the sole writer for the assignment but may also supervise other Writers and provide initial guidance and editing feedback on major projects. As a member of the Editorial Operations group, the Senior Writer will be part of the team making sure that the copy has both creative and medical integrity before it is submitted to the client.

As a member of the Creative team, a Senior Writer often partners with an Art Director or Graphic Designer to create the effective concepts that will drive the project. To do so, the Senior Writer is guided by the objectives contained within the creative brief. In some cases, the Senior Writer may even author the creative brief.

  • Produce Excellent Creative Work
    • Collaborates with the Art Director or Graphic Designer to develop strategically sound solutions under the guidance of the Creative Director
    • Accurately interprets strategic and creative briefs
    • Articulates the benefits of the recommended creative execution
  • Produce Excellent Writing
    • Analyzes the quality and completeness of source material
    • Adheres to a standard of integrity and excellence
    • Must demonstrate ability to execute advertising copy as well as "long form" consumer information content
    • Demonstrates the ability to write for all media, especially interactive, as well as print, video, and audio
    • Is responsible for grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    • Completes referencing of finished copy
    • Utilizes resources such as the Medical Director, Researchers, strategic documents, and focus groups to validate the creative or editorial approach
    • Maintains continuity of style on long-term projects
  • Supervise the Copy Team
    • Evaluates the requirements of a writing assignment
    • Creates a preliminary content outline and site map
    • Supervises other Writers (often freelance) on complex or long-term projects
    • Provides training and mentoring for less-experienced Writers
    • Lead the reviewing of all copy documents before they are submitted to the client, including initial copy for marketing review as well as prepared manuscripts for medical/legal review
  • Maintain Professional Demeanor
    • Responds to immediate or unexpected writing and editing assignments as they arise
    • Maintains a respectful attitude towards all coworkers and clients
  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of experience in an editorial or advertising capacity (preferably both) are required
  • At least 2 years of experience in a supervisory position is desirable.
  • Advanced editing skills are required.
  • In-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical healthcare marketing is a must.
  • Proven ability to write in interactive is a must.
  • Experience with principles of interactive information architecture and navigation is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of print, video, and audio production is also necessary.
  • The ability to communicate creative direction effectively to other writers, either verbally or written, is required.
  • Must have research skills.
  • Must be capable of meeting deadlines.
  • Must be able to work on multiple assignments over a given time period.
  • Must be capable of working both independently and in a team environment.
  • Must know how to use Microsoft Word software.

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