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Tim Jadwin


Director, Marketing



Company Summary:

Our client is a marketing agency that helps build healthcare brands that patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals feel confident turning to and recommending when they are sick, in need, or helping others.


Responsible for the preparation of the marketing related project deliverables during the design phase of an engagement and client/account management duties.

  • Expertise
    • Responsible for understanding the account dynamics and mobilizing resources to most effectively meet account requirements
    • Responsible for brand understanding and communicates this understanding
    • Knows how to bring right resources to client advocacy opportunities.
    • Can articulate the role of branding in relationship to Customer Value Marketing.
    • Demonstrates significant knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing and is comfortable playing a leadership role with client brand teams when needed
  • Value
    • With VP/Director, Responsible for setting client account expectations
    • Develops Strategic Brief marketing goals, brand strategy and other critical marketplace data and direction
    • Participates in account development and enables account strategy.
    • Ensures client contact with members of brand team and supports Director of Delivery Management with respect to client communication
    • Ensures that the right management takes action at the right time.
    • Enables team to provide and show maximum value to client for retainer.
  • Results
    • Leads brainstorm sessions to generate ideas for new business
    • Seek opportunities to up sell and cross-sell within the account to generate additional revenue
    • Participates in the hiring and quality of work of Managers and Associates.
    • With Delivery Manager, contributes to the development of project timeline and budget
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  • 6 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Rx or OTC in marketing are required
  • Experience in client management and marketing program development required
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and superior communication skills are essential
  • The ability to address complex strategic marketing problems and propose viable solutions is necessary
  • Must exhibit strong leadership ability and exercise good judgment and diplomacy

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