• American Medical Writers Association - the leading professional organization for biomedical communicators. The more than 4000 members from around the world include a variety of biomedical communicators: Administrators, Advertisers, Audiovisual Producers, Authors' Editors, College and University Professors, Journal Editors, Pharmaceutical Writers, Editors, and Managers, Public Relations Specialists, Publishers, Reporters, Researchers, Scriptwriters, Statisticians, and Translators.
  • National Association of Science Writers - In 1934, a dozen pioneering science reporters established NASW at a meeting in New York. They wanted a forum in which to join forces to improve their craft and encourage conditions that promote good science writing.
  • Midwest Healthcare Marketers Association - exists to enhance the professional value of healthcare marketers and to increase their opportunities for success within the healthcare industry.
  • Medline Journals - a list of the journals in MEDLINE for which publishers have provided links to their journal Web sites.
  • Elsevier Science - gateway to scientific publishing.
  • McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, Healthcare & Medicine - includes submission guidelines, how to get permissions, & editorial contacts.
  • FDA Search Page - may prove useful in your research.
  • PharmaLive - includes MedAd News, R&D Directions, & Pharma Business.
  • - a marketing and media resource site for the biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and those companies serving their growing needs.
  • - Advanstar pharmaceutical group online.
  • FDA AND THE INTERNET ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION OF MEDICAL PRODUCTS - transcript of a discussion group from 1996.
  • Health on the Net Foundation - one of the most respected not-for-profit portals to medical information on the Internet.


  • Citeline Search - Search by disease, therapy, or topic. Covers over 6000 Web sites that have been screened for quality and relevance to pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.
  • ForeignWord's Dictionary Search - includes ability to search MedTerms, Merriam Webster's Medical, WebMD Health, Biotech Life Science, CancerWeb. Online translators also available.
  • Online Biotechnology Glossary - online version of Technomic Publishing's Glossary of Biotechnology Terms.
  • To keep up with pharmaceutical marketing and advertising news visit Internet Drug News. It is updated daily!